Who Should Join This MasterClass

  • Head of Sales / VP of Sales / Sales Director
  • National Sales Manager / Regional Sales Manager
  • National Sales Manager / Regional Sales Manager
  • Agency Sales Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Business or Branch Sales Manager
  • Sales Training Manager / Sales Trainer
  • Business / Sales Development Consultant
  • Anyone who is responsible for Salespeople performance

Why Should You Join the Program?


This is one of the few coach training programs in the world designed for SALES LEADERS


The program is carefully designed based on international coaching standards and globally recognized coaching competencies.


Master the world-class coaching standards TODAY and build your career advancement!


Your Benefits ...... What's in it for you?


Earn recognition to become an EXECUTIVE SALES COACH and add values to your career development 

Self Reliance

Master the skills of coaching yourself and others to become more resilient and motivated

Communication Power

Have more 'asking than telling' communications to engage and drive changes in Sales Team

Hidden Potential

Learn to unleash your Salespeople' hidden potential and help them to become Sales Achievers

Ownership and Results

Increase a sense of ownership and accountability for better results and business continuity

Star Talent

Develop effective Sales Team and create a coaching culture to nurture and retain sales talents


This 8½ days program provides you with the coaching systems and tools you need in the workplace. Whether you are a Sales Coach from inside or outside the Company, it's high time to get your coaching experience validated professionally.

Be an


Here Are The Program Takeaways:

  • Master the skills to conduct high impact and productive coaching conversations.
  • Become a highly effective Manager-Coach for building high-performance Salespeople
  • Learn to strategise and implement sales coaching that brings performance consistency.
  • Apply effective sales coaching to  deepen a sense of ownership and accountability.
  • Use coaching to help you develop potential Salespeople for the company succession plan.
  • Get trained professionally and become an Executive Sales Coach, the sales talent builder.


Learning Stages


Part 1 MasterClass - BASIC SALES COACHING (week 1)

  • Covers the sales coaching fundamentals
  • 12 learning modules
  • 3 days of learning workshop
  • 24 real-time (synchronous) learning hours

Click here to view the 10 learning modules:


Part 2 MasterClass - ADVANCE SALES COACHING (week 5)

  • Covers the sales coaching applications
  • 10 learning modules
  • 3 days of learning workshop
  • 24 real-time (synchronous) learning hours

Click here to view the 12 learning modules:


(week 10)

  • 2 days coaching skills practice
  • Revision of the 22 learning modules
  • 16 real-time (synchronous) learning hours
  • Supervised coaching role-playing practice


(week 12)

  • ½ day of coaching skills oral assessment
    (4 synchronous learning hours)
  • Peer coaching practicum & Learning Journal
    (12 asynchronous learning hours)

Program Summary:

  • Coaching fundamentals and essence of sales coaching skills
  • 6 days of sales coaching intensive learning in 2 workshops
  • 2 days of supervised coaching practice in 1 workshop
  • ½ day of coaching skills assessment and learning feedback
  • A total of 80 Coach-Specific Training Hours (68 synchronous and 12 asynchronous hours)
  • Receive Executive Sales Coach certificate award upon successful completion of the program

Get to Learn Coaching in Different Ways

  • Lectures delivered through facilitation and participatory learning
  • Group discussions and plenary presentations
  • Case study on management leadership and coaching skills practice
  • Coaching role-playing exercise (peer, simulated, and supervised types)
  • Individual and group-based coaching learning activities
  • Video related to developmental coaching and sales coaching skills
  • Practicum: Coach Learning Journal written assignment
  • Practicum: Clock minimum of 8 peer coaching hours practice


Simon is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credentialed by the International Coach Federation (ICF) USA, Team FacilitatorTrainer, and Speaker. He has clocked more than 1,000 coaching hours helping C-suite Leaders, Business Leaders, Managers, and HiPo employees achieve higher performance and results.

Get to know more about Simon's background here.


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