How-to Tips #3: Call to Action

Call to action is the most important segment for a conversion-focused website. A call to action means it is a prompt to nudge your visitor to take a specific action. It is an action phrase like ‘Sign up now’, 'Buy now', 'Download here', ‘Get instant access’, ‘Make an appointment now’, etc.

A good call to action has a direct impact on your website conversion rate. It is one of the most difficult yet powerful copywriting skills to master in selling. You may consider some of the following references on learning how to write appealing and persuasive call to action phrases:

  • Masterclass: Enroll yourself in the copywriting masterclasses and learn the skills.
  • Reading and reference materials: Learn the copywriting skills and call to action phrase examples from experienced book authors.
  • Internet: Plenty of copywriting examples are available online. But be careful of those ill advice tips and manipulative tactics and phrases.
  • Self-learn: Search online and bookmark any websites you come across that show conversion-focused. Learn how the website content is crafted, the writing style, call to action phrases used, and the customer journey on user and navigation experience.
  • Mentorship: Ask for guidance and get help from someone who has experience building conversion-focused websites.

Observing how others do it is the best way to learn a call to action. Then, apply some of them that you find relevant and useful for your website. Measure and track the effectiveness. Keep exploring and experimenting.

In the next and final lesson, let's summarise the key points for creating a conversion-focused website. I have included a summary list for your easy reference.

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