Conclusion: Summary & Takaways

Lesson 6

Finally, we are almost to the end. You have made it. Congratulations!

Let's recap all the important tips to creating a website that sells:

  • A conversion-focused website stands out in a hyper-competitive digital business space.
  • Create a specific and measurable conversion-focused goal for your website – direct and indirect commercial measurements.
  • Use the AIDA funnel strategy to craft your website content.
  • Be sure you include engaging customer journey browsing experience (user and navigation experience) in your website design.
  • Never forget to include the call to action phrases to nudge the visitor takes a specific action. This is the ultimate goal of all your hard work creating the website.

In conclusion, create a website that works hard for your business. It has to be a revenue-generating tool instead of a beautifully designed website with a poor conversion rate. Waste no time and start building your conversion-focused website today!

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