Conclusion: Summary & Takaways

We are almost to the end. Let's recap the key points for creating a website that sells:

  • A conversion-focused website is distinctive and results-driven in a hyper-competitive business landscape.
  • A conversion-focused website clearly articulates the specific values it offers to its potential customers (visitors). They measure the call to action and goals by direct and indirect commercial measurements.
  • The website design and presentation flow use the A.I.D.A. funnel strategy to appeal the visitors.
  • The customer journey for the website presentation is inviting and easy to follow. The well-thought-out browsing combination of the user and navigation experiences makes the website sexy and engaging. 
  • A good conversion-focused website always includes clear call-to-action phrases to nudge the visitor to take a specific action. This is the ultimate reason why you put all the effort into creating the website.

In summary, create a website that works hard for your business. Make it a revenue-generating tool or business lead generator instead of a beautifully designed website, but show a poor conversion rate. Waste no time and start building your conversion-focused website today!

For Serious Learner:

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