How to Build a Conversion-focused Website

6 Lessons Intermediate

About this course

This is an intermediate course on how to build a website that generates revenue for your business.

The contents mainly cover the specific techniques of building a conversion-focused website. In the course, you will learn:

  • How to create a specific measurable conversion goal.
  • How to create contents that appeal to your potential customers.
  • How to create your website contents by referring to an example
  • How to create a killer call to action

If you are selling high ticket products and services, this is one of our business series you should not miss.

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Course Structure

Lesson 1 – Conversion-focused Website

Discover what it takes to make your website generate business revenue.

Lesson 2 – Specific Conversion Goal

Learn how to a set specific goal that converts sales and use the right measuring tools.

Lesson 3 – Peel the Onion Contents

Follow proven marketing steps on how to sell your products skillfully when building your web contents.

Lesson 4 – Example of Contents Outline

This example illustrates the outline and key ingredients to be included in your website contents.

Lesson 5 – Conversational Copywriting Style

Turn your messages into buying action without being pushy. Don't miss the three important techniques and examples shared inside. 

Lesson 6 - Coursework

Follow the guideline and go ahead build your conversion-focused landing page.