What is a Conversion-focused Website?

Lesson 2

A conversion-focused website generates commercial and financial returns to your business. The investment return may be measured directly or indirectly.

Take a look at how they are being measured as follows:

  • Direct measurements. If sell your products and services through your website, this is a straightforward one. You measure the number of new sales transactions via the website. The sales report will tell if you have a revenue-generating website or otherwise.
  • Indirect measurements. But for other businesses, you might not see instant financial return even though you have built a conversion-focused website. High ticket business, for example. You can’t expect people to buy your products and services the first they visit your website. So, how you measure the effectiveness of your website could be web traffic reports, number of new business enquiry, number of new leads from newsletter subscription, downloads, membership group sign-up, or any email marketing activity that leads to revenue-generating.


  • List down the direct and indirect commercial and financial measurements of your website.
  • Search online. Look for websites which you consider they are conversion focused. Bookmark them for learning reference in the next lesson.

This is a short lesson. In the next lesson, we'll explore three useful tips on how to create a website that sells. If you are ready, let’s move to the next lesson.