Lesson 4 – Example of Contents Outline

Lesson 4

Example: Promoting Learning Solutions to the Corporations 

Say you offer a learning solution for managers in the corporations. Your targeted customers are the HR Managers, L&D Managers, and Heads of Department. Therefore, your website conversion goal is getting them to reach out to you and sign-up your programs.





(What is it?)
The Insights:
  • No training department – inconsistent employees performance – hurt brand and service delivery.
  • Short of soft skills development for leadership and team dynamics – hard to retain high performing employees.
  • Inconsistent training results and effectiveness. Lacks of follow-up after the training – waste of training cost.
  • Tough business – employees fight for time to attend classroom training – hinder employee development.
  • Bullet points on website contents and features.
  • A video illustrating the customer and industry insights.
  • White paper, report, journal, statistics.
  • Peer industry interviews and focus group reports.
  • Industry or customer testimonials.


(Why should I have it?)
  • Adopt a bite-size learning series.
  • Blend virtual learning and face-to-face learning.
  • Training program followed by group or individual coaching sessions.
  • Use data-driven training effectiveness measuring tools in the learning program.
  • White paper, report, journal, statistics.
  • Peer industry interviews and focus group reports.
  • Industry or customer testimonials.


(Why should I buy from you?)
A total learning solution includes:
  • Learning needs analysis.
  • Blend virtual learning and face-to-face learning.
  • Bite-size learning series.
  • Group and individual coaching series.
  • Customer testimonials.
  • Learning video snippet.
  • Learning results and evidence.
  • Learning program demonstration.


(Why should I get it now?)
  • Limited time offer.
  • Additional package – e.g. complimentary learning needs analysis and post-learning evaluation worth XXX dollars.
  • Lower fee for a total package confirmation.
  • Free access to the future refresher class.
  • Unlimited online learnung support or consultation.
  • Special offer.
  • Timed offer.
  • Freebie.
  • Additional learning support.

Okay, it's your turn now. Grab a piece of paper or notebook. Craft your web contents following the outline illustrated in the chart above. Take your time. You may not able to complete the chart in one go. But, don't stay there too long either. This is a lifelong exercise. Keep revise and refine the contents even if you have published your website.

Let's stop here. Pause and take a look at what you have learned so far. Go back to the previous lessons if you need. In the next lesson, we'll look at how to story tell your messages using conversational copywriting skills.

If you are ready, let's move to the next lesson.